CoR Australia is the biggest executive and staff resourcing teams for Logistics and Transport in Australia.  We understand the significance of appointments  to our clients which are crucial to their operational effectiveness and success.  Cor Australia offers its proven successful track record of highly sensitive appointments within both public and private organisations as a significant endorsement of its capabilities.  We bring:

  • Significant experience in highest level public and private sector and high profile placements;
  • Extensive transparency and auditable reporting processes;
  • Exceptional infrastructure and transport industry relevant networks;
  • Substantial understanding of the specific challenges and issues facing Australian and International Companies; and
  • Management of politically sensitive environments and probity requirements that surround these types of appointments.

executive search methodology

Our Executive Search Methodology can be summarised as:

  • Create Dedicated Comprehensive Project Data, containing research on target organisations, individuals, contact details, and status both National and International;
  • Map Target Market, identifying most likely organisations where prospective candidates will be working;
  • Leverage our Extensive Contact Network, to create a list of prospective target names and contact details;
  • Discreet Approach, bringing the prospective target(s) to the table, convincing them of the value of considering this new opportunity;
  • Delicately Manage the Candidates’ Motivation & Expectations, as they usually are not active job seekers initially; and
  • Consult closely with the Client, throughout the process, including detailed update reports, long-list and shortlist discussions.

recruitment approach, secretariat service & process reports

CoR Australia offers its clients a full “End to End” service facility using a combination of executive search, networking, database and a proactive advertising campaign, CoR Australia will be able to generate a pool of candidates from which you can select the most appropriate people for your role.

For a confidential discussion on current key executive opportunities and contact us on +617 3118 6118 or register on the following registration page.