Many of the services and features that CoR Australia offers through our Training, Compliance and Review services can be utilised to support clients under Court imposed Supervisory Intervention Orders.

We are available for appointment as the responsible person under a Supervisory Intervention Order to:

  • Help improve compliance with CoR Laws
  • Monitor compliance with CoR Laws
  • Provide on behalf of clients, Compliance Reports to the Regulator and/or the Court about the CoR operations of a “convicted person”

CoR Australia can assist in framing the Supervisory Intervention Order to ensure Regulator requirements are met, improve your business efficiency and improve your supply chain relationships.

We can improve your compliance through:

  • Training across all levels of your business and help provide supervision and mentoring of supervising staff
  • Training to develop and implement effective CoR practices, systems, processes, practices, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the CoR Laws
  • Expert advice on compliance with CoR Laws
  • Reviews and Audit of your systems, processes, police, procedures and CoR tools

CoR Australia undertakes compliance reviews and report preparation for:

  • Management
  • The Regulator
  • The Court

We are also  available to accept pre-trial appointments to minimise further potential CoR non-compliance.