VicRoads Calls for Feedback on Monash Truck Restrictions

VicRoads is proceeding to the second stage of its Monash Freeway traffic management trial which will mean that trucks of more than 4.5 tonnes will not be allowed to use the far right lane on the Monash Freeway between Huntingdale Road and Jacksons Road. According to the Vic Roads Authority, this will improve safety because […]

Top Fleet Operator Concern – Fatigue

According to a new study, fleet managers are most worried about the safety of their drivers on the road. The survey conducted nationwide questioned 200 fleet operators about the challenges they anticipated for the coming year. More than a quarter of the respondents admitted that they didn’t feel their drivers were safe behind the wheel. […]

Truckies Test Positive in Drug Operation

Police embarked on Operation Rolling Thunder, the largest heavy vehicle compliance operation in Australia recently. During the operation more than 5000 heavy vehicles were stopped with more than 2000 defect notices issued. Police also found 26 drivers who tested positive for drugs. The operation involved RMS in NSW, NSW Police as well as the Victorian, […]

Truck Driver in Train Crash Was Going Through Closed Crossing

Following 2 fatal crashes in the period of 5 days, Amtrak through its president said the first crash involving one of its trains, was caused by a truck driver who hit into a train while attempting to drive around a cross block. The incident happened on January 31st when the train was carrying some Republican […]

How To Reduce Truck Fatalities

Summer has been a devastating time on the roads especially for the trucking industry with an alarming number of truck crashes taking place. Over the past decade we’ve experienced a drop in fatal crashes involving trucks but in the last few months there seems to have been a resurgence of truck crashes ending in fatalities […]

Trucking Industry Demands $12million To Address Road Death Toll

The truck industry through the Australian Trucking Association has called for the development of a National Road Safety Commission and a cash injection of more than $12 million from the government to improve road safety. The ATA acknowledged the problems resulting in truck crash deaths and the slow uptake of safer vehicles by the industry. […]