Face to Face Delivery
Executive, management and supervisor training courses are delivered in a full face-to-face sessions, which enables a highly interactive and relevant training experience. Backed by our CoR Framework Template suite, our face to face courses combine the benefits of:

  • Small class sizes to ensure maximum interaction with facilitators
  • A hands-on, interactive delivery style, which actively engages students to implement policies, procedures and tools, rather than just learning about them
  • Dual facilitators, which allows dedicated time to support all students understand and implement their policies, procedures and tools
  • Appropriate student mix including training:
    • Dedicated to your company
    • Dedicated to your supply chain
    • Across company levels or functional units for holistic solutions
    • Through a public courses or through in-house sessions at your sites

Online Delivery
The online delivery of courses provides a number of advantages for training delivery.

  • Content is arranged into multiple training and assessment modules, allowing information to be presented in smaller, logically discreet segments, to improve comprehension
  • Modular format provides pause moments, where employees can choose to pause their training, allowing the course to be completed in smaller time periods to limit disruptions to operations
  • A combination of text, voiceover, images and interactive elements to present information, caters for people with different learning styles and to increase interaction and retention
  • Regulated progression through the courses, with replay and rewind functions, helps to ensure that employees absorb all the required information
  • Assessment modules use a combination of multiple choice comprehension, scenario based questions and practical assessment to evaluate employees on their theoretical and applied knowledge

Distance Learning
Distance learning refers to courses that are completed in your own time, at your own pace and using a combination of online and hard-copy resources.

Distance learning is suited to more in-depth training where learners are not able to attend a face-to-face course due to time, scheduling or geographical constraints or where learners require a more flexible, self-paced approach to the completion of the course.

Our distance learning courses provide your training resources both online (via our eHub Portal) and in hard-copy format (by posting out your resources). You then read through the Student Guide document and other supporting resources at your own pace. Once you have completed the training, you are then able to complete the final assessments (via our eHub Portal).

Even though you are completing your learning ‘from a distance’, you still have access to our qualified Trainers and Assessors via phone and email (during business hours) to provide you with any support that you may need.

Portable Online Classroom
CoR Australia’s Portable Online Classroom can deliver consistent information with support and guidance from a facilitator led learning session. With this delivery method, CoR Australia will provide a course facilitator and tablet devices for a class of students. The course facilitator will take the class through the course content and support students to complete the associated assessments on a dedicated tablet device.

Our Portable Online Classroom combines the advantages of online learning with the following benefits:

  • Face-to-face facilitator supports students to understand the course content and to provide any assistance to use the tablet devices to complete the assessments
  • Small class size to ensure dedicated support for each student, to promote comprehension and knowledge retention. (Maximum class size is dependent of course.)
  • Training sessions which, where possible, allow multiple delivery within one day