CoR Compliance

Going through the shop floor and across your supply chain can challenge CoR compliance, with the implementation phase relegated to a lesser priority and businesses unable to continue the momentum to implement the agreed changes. Implementation can slow or stop due to:

  • Pressure of meeting existing contracts
  • Time and cost constraints
  • Resource limits
  • Change in priority
  • Lack of skills to manage change

The cause of stagnation or stopping of the improvement process needs to be understood and quickly resolved to ensure the business remains viable in the short term and succeed in the longer term by minimising CoR exposure.

CoR Australia can assist in the timing, sequence and resources to implement your CoR Solution.

Service Sectors

Chain of Responsibility Australia services span:


Road supply chain partners, consignors/consignees, including 3PLs, freight forwarding and road transport

Rail operators providing vital links across Australian, with a focus on intermodal supply chain risks

Air services both inbound and outbound logistic tasks for local compliance

Marine ports a critical element of container freight tasks

Interface Points to enable supply chain parties to have CoR assurance across operations

Supporting Sector Schemes and ALC Codes of Practice operating across the supply chain