Development of appropriate monitoring and review solutions is an important element of compliance. The compliance covered includes internal systems and training, internal OHS or CoR  expectations  and external laws and standards.

Over many years:

  • Adjustments are made to work arrangements, delivery arrangements, payment terms and other work  conditions
  • Clients change their needs and expectations, requiring further adjustments to operations
  • Laws and rules change and with complex enforcement models and “myths” making it difficult to determine the best business solution and to how exploit market opportunities
  • New practice develop, often with the old actions being continued creating confusion, inefficiency

The likelihood of an incident increases as clarity diminishes.

By standing back and reviewing the business:

  • irrelevant activities and actions can be removed from the business
  • OHS, CoR and business requirements can be aligned and made efficient
  • effective monitoring and improvement opportunities can be made

By external review of Risk and Compliance Systems, a business can be assured that the organisational systems are working effectively, that efficient work practices are in place and the improvements required to be effective and efficient are being implemented.