How can you ensure you have taken reasonable steps?

Our Compliance Services Take the Hassle Out of CoR Implementation in Your Company…

…or you can even have a consultant do it for you!

There are no restrictions on the ways in which a person or company can demonstrate that they took reasonable steps to comply with CoR laws.  CoR-Resource-Folder-3Dimage

Reasonable steps vary depending on circumstances but everything comes back to the question of:

“What systems, policies, procedures, tools and training can you demonstrate that you have in place?”

CoRAustralia has now made this a whole lot easier with our Compliance Services

Contained within the CoR Australia Compliance Services, you’ll find a complete resource of templates, forms, policies, and procedures that have taken us over a thousand hours to develop. This package’s been created by our senior technical writer who’s had years of experience in the transport and logistics industry. It’s been thoroughly researched and benchmarked, and it’s been developed to help our clients and their companies become fully compliant* with the Chain of Responsibility legislation by implementing these policies, procedures, forms and guides throughout their company.

This package is normally sold with our Level 2 CoR course but now we’re making it available as a separate resource.

The package itself is a complete set of customisable Chain of Responsibility policies, procedures, and compliance form templates ready to implement. You just simply need to insert your company’s logo, change anything that is company-specific and print them out. They’re fully customisable so you can make your own changes to make each resource perfectly applicable to your company. When you purchase this manual you’ll receive a hard copy and a soft copy so that you can easily implement all these templates, and forms, and policies and procedures into your current business processes.

The package has over 400 pages covering 52 policies, procedures, and tools addressing speed, fatigue, mass, dimension and load restraint – all the requirements of the Chain of Responsibility legislation.

For more information and to watch a video introduction and walk-through of the manual click here.