Many consignors and consignees rely on complex legal documents and supply chain networks.  Transport companies have developed different strategies seeking flexibility, efficiency and profitability.

In some cases the logistics solution has been convoluted and cumbersome with supply chain partners unaware of the latent risks that have developed in their supply chain.

Recent road transport accidents and investigation by Police and Regulators have disrupted supply chains.  Where a supply chain partner is failing, wholesalers and retailers become exposed to customer complaints or claims for non-performance.  Reliance on contract terms to seek redress from the supply chain partner a likely to yield little money and will not deal with the dissatisfied customers.

Where a supply chain partner is disrupted by investigations, there is a real prospect that the Police and Regulators will look elsewhere in the supply chain.

CoR Australia can “stress test” areas of concern in your supply chain to determine available options. 

A number of high profile accidents and investigations in Australia had led to restrictions on transport capacity and increased transportation costs.  These cases highlight the need to ensure that your supply chain is robust enough to withstand this type of disruption.

Through contract reviews and supply chain analysis, CoR Australia can help strengthen you supply chain and identify areas for efficiency gains.