Prosecutions in the chain of responsibility can be resource intensive.  In many cases the Regulator has conducted the site inspection and has all of your records and the physical evidence from the inspection of the machinery.  It is not for the prosecution to advance your defence.  Their role is to articulate the offences that have been committed.  Your role is either to show why the Regulator’s evidence falls short of establishing the offence (through your lawyers) and to establish your defence, including demonstrating that your business had taken reasonable steps.

We are available to accept pre-trial appointments to review the business activities and to identify those elements where reasonable steps have been taken.   An early start on working through your reasonable steps defense can enhance preparing for trial, mitigate penalties and improve the efficiency of the business.

The Case Preparation investment can return dividends to your organisation through:

  • reducing cost of court cases
  • preventing further issues leading up to trial
  • reducing the post-trial rectification time and costs