Chain of Responsibility Australia provides an integrated solution to support organisations achieve Chain of Responsibility compliance. By addressing system, operational and training aspects of a business, Chain of Responsibility Australia is able to provide the tools, resources and expertise for an organisation to comply with the Chain of Responsibility laws.


As the CoR laws are so wide ranging, all aspects of a business and all parties in the supply chain must be compliant. As such, it is essential that all policies, procedures and work practices comply with the Chain of Responsibility laws. Engaging our expertise to review work practices and support implementation of CoR Compliance Systems, Training, and Pre-Audit reviews helps ensure that your organisation can meet the Reasonable Steps Defence.

Chain of Responsibility Australia uses a unique diagnostic and implementation model designed to carefully cover the requirements of the legislation using a consistent, comprehensive and time-tested process. Through this process, Chain of Responsibility Australia can deliver customised CoR Compliance solutions that integrate with your operating practices. CoR Implementation Process  Diagnose Understand requirements & organisational context Design Align organisational objectives with CoR requirements Identify business improvement opportunities Deliver Key operational processes reviewed CoR compliance systems initiated Training programs for staff and contractors Monitor Review transition & assimilation indicators Demonstrate achieving CoR Compliance


An essential component of any CoR Compliance system is an integrated suite of policies, procedures and templates, which ensure that operations comply with Chain of Responsibility laws. Our system is founded on a suite of templates, which underpin our consultancy and training programs, allowing a client to integrate CoR compliance throughout the different aspects of their organisation. Chain of Responsibility Australia’s CoR compliance implementation framework, compliance systems and education programs are built around this suite of document templates. Our approach is designed to educate employees and support them to implement CoR compliant practices within their workplace.