Where an accident has occurred offsite or you have sacked a disgruntled employee, there is every chance that you will receive a visit from the Police or CoR, OHS or Transport inspectors.

Being prepared includes:

  • Being CoR compliant or having CoR compliance plans in place
  • Reducing the risk of an accident or an incident through having robust systems in place and by recording and responding to all non-conformance including “near misses”
  • Being ready to respond to an accident or investigation under a First Response Plan, through:
    • applying your protocols for investigating the incident
    • engaging with the Regulator early
    • ensuring the media are kept informed
    • applying protocols for managing communications

By preparing for a operational site investigations and the expected road side interceptions by the regulator, you can ensure continuity of business for complying elements.  Being prepared can reduce the interruption to your business, assist with establishing your reasonable steps defence and enable efficient dealing with your regulator.

In this way the inspectors and the public (through the media) can have an informed and balanced view on the activity of your business and the operation of your supply chain.