Strategic reviews can help identify better solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and address risks.  In many cases historic practices have continued well past their use by date.  Their continued use puts the business at significant risk.

Reviewing practices and bringing them up to date with current work practices, risk solutions and laws, can be the best strategy for achieving an efficient compliant system.

Having a system that identifies issues for attention and places them on a time line for correction, with a budget puts you in control of your risk management solution.

A strategic review will validate good work practices and identify opportunities for improvements for your business.  Where necessary those improvements and good work practices should be supported by Systems, Policies, Procedures, Tools and Processes that include Chain of Responsibility and Occupational Health and Safety compliance expectations.

A comprehensive review and assessment by CoR Australia is conducted on site by our industry experts and includes:

  • Review your transport providers and other Supply Chain Partners to assess their Chain of Responsibility compliance levels
  • Assess supply chain stress points and blockages
  • Review your internal  documentation and arrangement with supply chain partners to assess them against your actual business operations
  • Review of your internal policies and procedures
  • Summary of your current level of Chain of Responsibility compliance
  • Identification of the actions required to resolve any Chain of Responsibility compliance issues