Wholesale investigations of your business by Regulators are generally triggered due to a range of reasons including:

  • Actual accidents
  • Complaints from the public
  • On Road Intelligence Systems
  • General or targeted interception by enforcement agencies
  • Complaints from the past employees or contractors

Once triggered, the Regulator has extensive powers to obtain material and examine your operations.  This includes seizing all of your maintenance logs and driver work diaries.


CoR Australia can assist in managing the interface with the NHVR and the local enforcement agency.  In doing so CoR Australia help all parties act within their powers and responsibilities and helping the Board/Management to understand their CoR exposure for the particular accident and for their operations generally.

Development of corrective changes

Being at the interface point allows CoR Australia to start to proactively manage the CoR exposure through:

  • Ensuring that the Board have an accurate understanding of the CoR issues involved in the investigation
  • Identifying the areas of exposure specifically in the investigation and generally for the business
  • Developing a response to the concerns of the Regulator
  • Developing a a corrective action plan for addressing the CoR exposures and incorporating the Regulators’ requirements

Implementation of corrective actions

Whether the business has identified a CoR system or process issue through NHVR intervention, staff concerns or an audit, CoR Australia will help you implement the necessary changes in an effective and efficient way to maintain your profitability.

Reports for Mitigation of sentence

Where a mater does progress to prosecution under the CoR laws, it is important that the business is able to substantiate the corrective actions completed since the incident or investigation.

CoR Australia in providing this report can validate the systems at the time of the incident and document the improvements that have been made. This report documents the reasonable steps taken (for a defence to a CoR prosecution) and provides evidence on the measures taken to prevent further CoR incidents, in mitigation of fine or series of fines.