Regulator Warns Operators to Ensure Proper Loading Practices Following a Successful Prosecution


Operators should be aware of the consequences for overloading and for failing to take due care when it comes to loading of heavy vehicles following the NHVR’s successful prosecution of a national company.

The company was charged with overloading a gravel truck, 120 per cent above the statutory limit.

The outcome which was heard in the South Australian Magistrates Court has been labelled a Chain of Responsibility (CoR) win and should serve as a warning to other companies.

The company was fined $9,900 for the mass offence, while the maximum penalty for this type of offence is $55,000.

The company involved had failed to have scales on the loader despite 3 requests being submitted over a 5 month period. Therefore the magistrate noted that loading and transporting the materials involved pure guess work and speculation. He believed this showed complete “indifference” on the part of the company and its operators.

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