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KS Easter Transport Profile – Use of Freighter

Video Transcript

Good morning I’m Ken Easter. I’m the managing director of case Eastern Transport. It’s a company I founded roughly 44 years ago and operated as an owner driver. Originally we started operating in Newcastle in 1988 I made the decision to move to Brisbane because most of our transport was from Sydney to Brisbane and common sense prevailed be at one end or the other Mello’s son.

Kenny is a general manager. His wife Carly is in compliance. My youngest son Matthew is the pain master. So we have a few family members here. We consider Freya to be part of our family business. We have roughly 200 freighter trailers at this stage the oldest of those to be 20 year old the later ones are much more recent. They’re a good quality product. They service us well. Sydney Adelaide Melbourne doesn’t matter it’s been a very good product for us we’re quite happy with the Curtin situation we run full height gates mezzanine floors all the way through soft locking floors.

Melbourne Adelaide that very solemn ever come back to Brisbane. So when they need servicing we run them into the freighter and maintenance is quite good any repairs we have done are done very promptly. There’s no problem whatsoever the way the business has grown over the past couple of years. It was very good we had considerable growth again this year and we expect similar growth next year and we’ll continue to buy the similar product that we have now. We just started operating some d triples again the configuration that we put together with with the freighter product is um measures up very well for us. So it’s very user friendly couldn’t be happier with it we’re quite proud to be associated with our anniversary it’s a very good partnership.