Truck Drivers Leg Partially Amputated After Runaway Trailer Incident

Truck drivers’ aren’t only at risk when they’re in the cab, they need to be cautious even when the journey is over or before it even begins, as an incident at the Port Kembla coal terminal south of Sydney recently proved. A truck driver had his leg partially amputated after dropping off a load of […]

National Transport Commission Releases World First Study on Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue

The results of a world-first study into heavy vehicle driver fatigue revealed that reliable predictors of drowsiness and fatigue are slow eye and eyelid movements, longer blink duration and prolonged eye closure. The study by The National Transport Commission (NTC) and the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) also confirmed a […]

New Heavy Vehicle Monitoring For The ACT

New heavy vehicle monitoring cameras have been activated on both sides of the ACT’s Federal Highway near the NSW border, forming part of the National Compliance and Information System (NCIS). The system consists of 6 new automatic number plate recognition cameras that will monitor 2 lanes and emergency stopping lanes in each direction on the […]

Better Fatigue Management The Key Topic at Trucking Australia Conference

The recent Trucking Australia Conference honed in on the issue of managing fatigue and driver health. Although presenters and moderators at the Perth event were watchful for people nodding off, most people were involved in group discussions at their tables. During the final session on fatigue management, 4 groups examined the topics of a better […]

Lobby Group Calls for Lifetime Driving Bans for Driving Trucks into Bridges

A Queensland transport lobby group wants drivers banned for life if they drive their oversized truck into a bridge that is too low more than once. According to Rail Back on Track’s Robert Dow, offenders should “automatically lose their licence for up to six months after a first offence” and if it happens a second […]

Bad Driving Mistakes Made Over Easter

Although Easter 2019 may be over, the bad driving mistakes people make on the road are sure to return by the next holiday season. Over the Easter holidays, 1 in 4 Australians embark on long-distrance journeys and the traffic can be a nightmare. To try and beat the traffic some drivers do some questionable things […]