Another blow for Cootes despite ongoing extensive measures to comply with CoR


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Another blow for Cootes this morning, as a 40,000 litre LPG tanker collided with a car this morning near the University of Western Sydney Campus this morning around 10am. The driver of the car, a 26 year old female p-plater, was trapped for more than half an hour, and suffered leg and facial injuries after the Cootes tanker rolled.

The University of Western Sydney North and South Campuses were closed after a gas leak was detected and a 900m exclusion zone was established while firefighters hosed down the tanker and drained it of fuel.

Emergency services and Police remain at the scene to investigate the cause of the crash.

This is a company that we personally know has been taking extensive measures to meet every aspect of CoR, since the disaster they experienced in March 2014, and this will no doubt be a devastating blow to them.

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