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ATA Launches Trucking Workshop Safety Alerts

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A new series of trucking workshop safety alerts developed by the Australian Trucking Associations Industry Technical Council has just been launched.

The safety alerts which can be downloaded from the ATA’s online resource library, explain issues including the urgency of problems. The alerts also highlight key members of the industry who should be made of aware of the information.

The alerts also provide detailed follow-up actions necessary to address the issues. The ATA will be releasing new alerts as issues arise.

The first of these safety alerts tackles issues caused by the use of incompatible airlines and fittings. The second deals with the risks associated with the use of suzi coils to connect brake airlines across drawbar type couplings.

According to the ATA’s Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Melham, the safety alerts present solutions to workshop issues reported to the ATA’s Industry Technical Council.

Melham highlights that safety is the main concern for the trucking industry which is why preventative maintenance is of such crucial importance. He goes on to state:

“Safety is the major priority for the trucking industry. Preventative maintenance and workshop procedures play a crucial role in making sure the heavy vehicle fleet operates safely on the road,” Melham said.  

“However, from time to time issues arise that aren’t found in any manual.


Mr Melham explains why they chose the subject matter they did for the first of these safety alerts.

“In one of our first safety alerts, operators are cautioned against using a suzi coil – a very stretchy airline – to connect brake airlines across a drawbar coupling.

“In the unlikely event of a trailer decoupling on the road it is designed to fail safe, with emergency brakes coming on as soon as the airline connection is cut.

“Suzi coils meet the technical requirements for this connection. But in an emergency, the coil would stretch significantly before it was pulled apart – delaying the application of emergency brakes.


Mr Melham goes on to state that some of these issues have serious consequences but fairly simple solutions which the alerts aim to convey to operators. It is hoped that by releasing these alerts heavy vehicles can be made as safe as possible.

Mr Melham explained:

“It’s a serious issue with a very simple solution. By distributing these safety alerts, the ATA aims to increase awareness of these considerations and help trucking operators and workshops ensure that their vehicles are as safe as they can be.”

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