10 Tonne Truck Causes Major Crash in Sydney

Authorities Crack Down on Trucks during 2 Day Operation


The recent Dee Why Crash has motivated authorities in NSW to crackdown on heavy vehicle compliance, following news that the vehicle may have been defective.

According to an article on Fullyloaded.com.au the police and RMS in the state have embarked on a 2 day blitz to tackle truck non-compliance because of the number of heavy vehicle crashes we’ve been seeing on our roads recently and particularly the crash which left one woman in a serious but stable condition in hospital on Tuesday.

The final straw for authorities was the Dee Why Crash which involved several vehicles and injured a number of people.

Police and RMS are concerned with ensuring that distribution trucks are compliant in order to ensure the safety of all road-users. The Dee Why crash is an example of how many people can be impacted by heavy vehicle crashes especially where non-compliance issues relating to maintenance of the heavy vehicle are concerned. At least 6 people were injured during the vehicle pile-up.

NSW Police and the RMS started by inspecting trucks at Wetherill Park and Port Botany.

The following excerpt from the article on Fullyloaded.com.au explains:

NSW Police and the RMS will join forces in two-day operation targeting trucks.

 A new compliance operation targeting trucks in New South Wales has been launched following a crash north of Sydney yesterday.

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and NSW Police today announced they will join forces to inspect pantech and tautliner trucks throughout Sydney during the two-day operation.

NSW Police says the operation is aimed at ensuring distribution trucks on the city’s roads are safe and compliant.

Source: http://www.fullyloaded.com.au

The article went on to detail the Dee Why incident and the impact that the crash had.

A pantech truck yesterday lost control at Dee Why, hitting several vehicles and overturning. The incident injured six people, including two police officers who were trapped in their car.

Source: http://www.fullyloaded.com.au

Following the horrific crash one police officer has been left in a coma after the vehicle she and another officer were travelling in was trapped under the 10 tonne truck. The policewoman had to be placed in a medically induced coma because of the severity of her injuries.

The young policewoman was driving to work on Tuesday morning when an out of control truck carrying food toppled over and landed on the officer’s car while in traffic. A total of seven vehicles were affected by the incident.

The driver of the Pantech truck has been released from hospital. According to the driver the brakes on his rig failed as he drove down Warringah Road just after 6am on Tuesday. The road is notoriously steep and apparently a number of accidents have happened in that area.

Community members expressed their frustration that authorities have not done anything about the dangerous intersection despite a number of incidents taking place there. One accident in 2000 claimed the life of an 11 month old baby.