Summary of Chain of Responsibility Law Changes in October 2018

Summary of the New CoR Law Changes from the Horses Mouth!

Featured in this post is a summary of the amended CoR Laws being enacted on 1 October 2018, as described by the Manager of CoR (at the time the video was recorded) Michael Crellin.

In another video Michael made this comment:

The executive officer will need to know what are our risk management processes? What are our safety systems? And critically, are they working? It’s a focus upon the business practises and the systems controls that are in place. That means that my investigators won’t need to have a substantive offence. There won’t need to be an incident or an event that suggests we should commence a COR investigation. We can simply go and have a look at the system and do one of two things. Assure ourselves that the system is functional and effective or detect that it’s not.  (Source:

This is why as Australia’s leading CoR consulting company we are focusing on assisting companies to develop CoR Management Plans, which dovetail into their (hopefully) existing Workplace Health and Safety Plans and system.  Please contact us here to find out more about how to get a CoR Management Plan for your company.  More info on CoR Management Plans here.