Driver Who Crashed into Acton Tunnel Will Be Charged

acton tunnel


The driver who crashed his truckload into the Acton Tunnel last year causing damage and delays, will be charged, according to ACT Policing.

A spokesperson recently confirmed that police would be going forward with charges against the driver who drove his truck, loaded with an excavator on the back, into the Acton Tunnel in October 2015.

The cost of the damage was estimated around $1.2 million last week by Roads ACT. Eighty roof tiles were damaged which will need to be replaced. This is in addition to the immediate repair costs which ran around $260,000 in order to repair and reopen the westbound Parkes Way Tunnel. Insurance would cover these costs.

The Roads Minister at the time, Mick Gentleman said there was no requirement for the tunnel height which was 4.9 metres for the westbound lane to be signposted. He also said at the time that the driver didn’t have a required permit for the load.