First Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Summit Program Unveiled

First Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Summit Program Unveiled

First Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Summit Program Unveiled

Image source: recently posted an article highlighting the upcoming summit for the heavy vehicle industry road safety. The Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Summit will be held in just a month and a half and the full program for the event has now been revealed.

The summit is being hosted by ARTSA who recently unveiled the full program for the summit which they believe will ignite the road safety debate and promote heavy vehicle road safety.

For people in the heavy vehicle industry, the event will kick off by comparing the nation’s road safety performance to that of the rest of world. Comparing how our road safety compares with other countries will help us recognise if we are doing enough to address the issue in a global context.

The issue will be discussed by experts such as Owen Driscoll, NTI’s National Manager for Industry Relations, who is also the author of the company’s much talked-about Major Accident Investigation Report.

Driscoll is expected to provide detailed information on the cause of crashes and what needs to be done to attend to the issue. He will be providing statistics from real life for the attendees of the summit to discuss.

The summit will follow up by looking at examples of best practice from Australia and globally. It will also be looking at local safety agendas and who is responsible for these agendas.

Moves to drive the safety initiative will also be on the agenda and VTA CEO Peter Anderson will be looking into this issue. He will also be explaining why stakeholders in the industry should be proactive with regards to their heavy vehicle road safety.

The summit will also include case studies which will then be applied to real world situations. It is important that fleet operators can use this platform to discuss where there is room for improvement. The article on went on to detail what the summit will entail:

Day one will conclude with networking dinner to bring together those who drive legislation and those who run businesses that are affected by it.

Day two will commence with more case studies to ensure the event’s findings will be applicable to real life business challenges, before leading into a workshop with fleet operators and key decision makers that will result in the formulation of 10 ‘areas of improvement’ for Australian trucking.

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The “10 Areas of Improvement” that will be formulated on Day 2 will then be made available to both fleets and lawmakers so that practical steps can be taken to address the issues and hopefully result in a safer road transport system. Promoting new technology and procedures to enhance Australian road transport safety will be the key aim of the “areas of improvement”.

ARTSA Chairman Dr Peter Hart urged interested people to get their tickets quickly as they are likely to sell out. He explained:

“We still have a few keynote speakers to announce so make sure you reserve your spot now.”

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