Video from ALC Conference: Linfox CEO part 1

This post features Michael Byrne, CEO Linfox Logistics in his Keynote address at the ALC Conference earlier this year.

His address was titled:  Smarter Supply Chain infrastructures
Video Highlights:
0:58  “At Linfox, “we only have 92 customers”  $2.5 billion revenue”
2:55  Started with 1 truck 58 years ago:  “Overall 30,000 staff in the “family” business!  Operates in 11 countries”
4:21  “A ruthless stance on drugs and alcohol.” 79,000 drug tests.
5:16  751 million km travelled
6:04  Incident rate reporting, not injury rate
6:40  “It’s about, ‘You can’t be a great company if you hurt anyone'”
7:10  average age of a Linfox truck is about 3.4 years
8:22  Two $1 Billion deals this year….
8:57  10 billion litres of fuel carried….
9:09  getting “back into fuel”.  Eastern seaboard with BP recently announced