New WorkCover App Allows Payments To Be Tracked

New WorkCover App Allows Compensation Claims To Be Tracked

New WorkCover App Allows Payments To Be Tracked

WorkCover Queensland recently announced the release of an updated mobile app to help injured workers track their compensation claims.

An update on the Worker Assist app has been released to help injured workers keep track of their compensation claims. The app allows them to see wage payments, medical expenses and other pertinent details of their claims. The following excerpt from an article on explains:

WorkCover Queensland has released an update to its Worker Assist app which enables injured workers to keep track of their claim by seeing upcoming wage payments, medical expense reimbursements, medical appointments and more.


The article went on to explain that the app which was first released in August has been updated with the ability to upload medical certificates and other documents by taking a photo. It also now gives workers the option of completing a tax file number declaration, the article explained. quoted WorkCover general manager Irene Violet who stated:

“Providing direct access to claim information allows workers to stay focussed on their rehabilitation and return to work without having to worry about when their next appointment or payment is due,”


WorkCover Queensland also said that for the month of October over 14,000 logins were recorded with workers eager to take advantage of the convenience offered by the app. Currently the app is being used by more than 2500 injured workers. Violet went on to explain:

“Our online services, such as Worker Assist, recognise that many injured workers want the convenience of being able to track their compensation claim anywhere, anytime because the longer they are off work the more this impacts their family life and costs employers in increased premiums,” Violet adds.


If you’re interested in utilising the app, it is available for both iOS and Android devices. Desktop users can also make use of most of the apps functions by visiting the website, WorkCover explained.

Avoiding Workers’ Compensation Claims

Obviously avoiding compensation claims altogether would be preferable for all workers especially truck drivers because while we can be financially compensated, the pain and suffering we experience both physically and emotionally, are more difficult to recover from.

For those in the road transport industry, completing the necessary training is the first step. Chain of Responsibility training should be provided to all employees and employers involved in the road freight industry so that they are aware of their responsibilities under the Chain of Responsibility laws.

Anyone involved in the supply chain, whether a consignor, consignee or driver, need to understand their responsibilities and their rights under the legislation.

Providing staff with chain of responsibility training is vital especially because COR laws have changed for those involved in road transport, so even people who have worked in the industry for decades need to complete updated COR training.