NHVR Restructure a Success

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The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has come a long way since it was first created and according to it’s the head,Sal Petrocitto, the re-structuring of the industry body during the second half of last year, although still an ongoing process has been a success. In his final Industry Update for the year, the NHVR CEO cited the steps the organisation has taken to improve heavy vehicle regulation in Australia so far since its shake-up.

Mr Petroccitto was quoted in an article on industry website PrimeMoverMag.com.au explaining that the re-organisation of the NHVR was aimed at clarifying its customer services and strategic functions in order to build industry and government partnerships, which he says it has successfully achieved through the efforts of the team.

Petroccitto was quoted as saying:

“Since commencing as Chief Executive in May, I’ve been witness to the hard work and dedication of the entire NHVR team and I’m very proud of what we have achieved,” he commented.

Source: http://www.primemovermag.com.au

The organisation is also addressing leadership issues, with recruitment now underway for the three new executive directors. According to Petroccitto the future leaders of the industry body should have the best skills, expertise and experience to facilitate the regulatory reform and growth of nation’s heavy vehicle industry.

Mr Petroccitto also detailed some of the successes of the organisation including the stabilisation of the access function of the organisation as well as improving customer service functions.

Mr Petroccitto explained that the NHVR has achieved the target of 90 per cent of valid permit applications through the system and developed the AccessConnect Program. He also cited an improved online system as one of the organisation’s achievements.

Pettrocitto explains:

“My early priority was to stabilise the access function and we have, hitting a fantastic target of 90 per cent of valid permit applications through our system and delivered to road managers (state and local governments) for assessment within a day,” he said.

“We’ve [also] established the AccessConnect Program and are on track to design and implement a national access business model, built upon a responsive and consistent policy framework, lean and practical process flows and a user-centred, integrated online system.

“We also continue to deliver great results in our other customer service functions of PBS, NHVAS and vehicle standards, with policy and operational improvements often guided by [industry] feedback and input.”

Source: http://www.primemovermag.com.au/news/article/nhvr-ceo-comments-on-restructure-progress

In November Petroccitto revealed that the debacle with permits earlier in the year almost led to the demise of the agency.

The NHVR took over responsibility for heavy vehicle travel permits in February and was meant to deal with state and local governments on behalf of trucking operators to secure permits, however its IT system was not able to deal with the high volume and collapsed, many businesses suffered.

Speaking to the National Local Roads and Transport Congress permit failures caused huge damage to the NHVR in the eyes of the government and almost led to its demise altogether, so its latest success is especially commendable.