NSW Joint Operation Uncovers Drug Driving and Load Restraint Breaches

NSW Joint Operation Uncovers Drug Driving and Load Restraint Breaches

NSW Joint Operation Uncovers Drug Driving and Load Restraint Breaches

Operation Containment, the joint operation by New South Wales Police and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) uncovered a number of compliance issues and driving offences including drug driving and load restraint breaches.

The blitz across the state found examples of bad behaviour including 3 truck drivers who tested positive to drugs in the 1-day operation.

Dubbed “Operation Containment”, the NSW Police and NSW RMS blitz targeted vehicle compliance and inebriated driving. During the operation, officers inspected 286 truck and trailers, administered 107 breathalyser tests and drug tested 25 drivers.

None of the breathalyser tests returned a positive result, but 3 of the 25 drivers tested returned positive results for illicit substances.

One driver demonstrated a particularly bad example, testing positive for methamphetamine while also driving an unregistered B-Double with speeds as high as 113km/h catalogued in the vehicle’s engine control module.

David Driver, NSW Traffic & Highway Patrol Command’s acting assistant commissioner said the driver was issued with a $1,346 infringement notice for the vehicle and a $630 notice for the contravention of the speed limiter. He was also issued with a 24-hour driving ban pending a court date. Mr Driver said the man displayed “a poor example for the industry”.

He went on to state:

“[This] is proof why our joint enforcement with NSW Roads and Maritime is important in saving lives on our roads,”

Source: http://www.fullyloaded.com.au

The operation also resulted in the discovery of 2 other trucks with altered engine control modules . Authorities issued 37 traffic offence notices.

There were also a number of load restraint issues identified. Out of the 286 trucks and trailers inspected, 93 defects and 12 weight breaches were identified and 36 drivers were asked to properly secure their loads.  

Peter Wells, RMS Director of Safety and Compliance reminded the logistics industry and transport operators about the importance of securing their loads. He said the results of the blitz should be an example to others in the industry. He explained:

“People loading or unloading trucks must pay attention and ensure their loads are secured. If loads are loose or fall off a truck, there are very obvious risks to safety for everyone,” he says.

“We will enforce the law with very heavy penalties on people who continue to disregard the law and risk public safety.”

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