NTC Proposal To Increase the Payload of Some Truck Combinations


The NTC has put forward a proposal to remove restrictions stopping quad-axle trucks from using higher mass limits without going through the Performance Based Standards (PBS) application and approval process.

If implemented, it would increase the payload of certain truck combinations by up to 16 per cent on certain routes.

The NTC’s CEO Paul Retter explained that the proposed changes would unlock productivity benefits for alot of transport operators, including the reduction of red tape and minimising fuel use.

The NTC’s proposed option would allow quad-axle vehicles to transport increased mass on routes previously assessed as adequate for PBS approved vehicles without having to go the PBS system.

Find out more about the NTC’s proposal at http://www.ownerdriver.com.au/industry-news/1603/ntc-seeks-changes-to-unlock-quad-axle-truck-capacity/