Truck Safety Video Released by ATA

Following a successful TruckWeek 2014 which took place from the 1st to the 7th of September across the nation, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has released a safety video aimed at reducing the number of road deaths linked to truck crashes on Australian roads.

The new truck safety video was created using the research of a Monash University Professor, Mark Stevenson and the findings of a major study into truck crashes.

Despite the downward trend in road fatalities and keeping in mind that many of the truck related crashes are caused by other road users, the number of truck related crashes is still a cause for concern.

Crashes involving heavy vehicles can be more destructive and tragic because of the sheer size of the vehicle in comparison to light motor vehicles. Many times the truck driver isn’t even injured, while the occupants of the car are killed. That is why the Australian Trucking Association has developed the series of clips to assist truck drivers avoid incidents.

On its website, the Australian Trucking Association explained more about the safety video which it released on Friday 19 September, 2 weeks after TruckWeek 2014.

The video outlines the findings of a major study into truck crashes and includes a series of clips which are available to view on the association’s YouTube channel.

The Association goes on to explain more about the video in a post its’ website. The following excerpt was taken from that post:

The video features the Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Professor Mark Stevenson, whose research found that:

– truck drivers with less than ten years of experience have three times the crash risk of more experienced drivers;

– unladen trucks are more than twice as likely to crash than loaded trucks;

– anti-lock brakes and cruise control demonstrably reduce the risk of crashes;

– driving between midnight and 6.00am increases the risk of crashing more than three times.

Source: ATA

While most of the information contained in the video we have heard before, the video will hopefully raise awareness among drivers about the need to utilise the advice given, especially because over time drivers can become complacent towards these best practice methods.

While some of the findings, we cannot do anything to change (such as the more experienced a driver, the less likely they are to crash – experience can only come with time), there are some steps we can take to improve road safety such as adjusting driving times to avoid the “dangerous hours” between midnight and 6:00am and utilising cruise control to minimise the risk of a crash.

It is also important that we ensure that drivers (and everyone involved) have received the necessary training. According to Australian legislation truckies must undergo Chain of Responsibility training.

To learn more about the video visit the ATA website.

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