Women in Logistics Program Launched to Promote Diversity in the Industry

Source: http://asciano.com.au/careers/diversity

Source: http://asciano.com.au/careers/diversity

When it comes to male dominated industries such as the Logistics sector, we have as a nation made great strides in promoting diversity especially in relation to women in the industry.

This progress can be attributed in part to programs like the new management cadetship program launched by Asciano.

Women in these traditionally male dominated fields often struggle to rise through the ranks into leadership roles, which is what the newly announced program by the Logistics Company attempts to address.

The program is aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the stevedoring and logistics industry in Oz, entitled Women in Logistics (WILpower) program

According to an article on the Trucking Industry website TandLNews.com.au the program was launched initially through Asciano’s Patrick Terminals and Logistics Division.

The program attempts to provide women with a chance to hone their skills and improve their chances of moving into operational leadership roles.

The program is to commence at the start of 2015 but the first 8 female cadets will be recruited next month. According to the report on TandLNews.com.au, 2 cadets from each of Patrick’s container terminal operations will be recruited – 2 from Sydney, 2 from Perth, 2 from Melbourne and 2 from Brisbane the operations.

The cadets will be receiving practical, hands-on knowledge as they rotate through four operational roles in Patrick’s Terminals & Logistics Division. They will be acting in a number of leadership roles including that of yard manager, shift manager, production manager and logistics during the course of the program.

The article on TandLNews.com.au went on to quote Asciano’s director of Human Resources, Customer and Corporate Affairs, Alex Badenoch who explained that the launch of the WILpower program shows that we are making progress in addressing the challenge of diversity across Asciano’s business. Badenoch went on to state:

“Diversity within our stevedoring operations is one of our greatest challenges, with a long history of male-dominated workplaces and an ongoing shortage of female candidates applying to join our workforce. We believe that starting to address this issue in our stevedoring workforce will be a positive catalyst to encourage greater representation of women in operational management roles across all areas of our business.

“While Asciano operates in a traditionally male dominated industry, we are committed to developing an inclusive and diverse place to work, with a particular focus on supporting the representation of women at all levels of our organisation. This program is aimed at building a diverse succession candidate pool.”

Read more at: TandLNews.com.au

Together with the practical experience the cadets will be gaining, they will also have the benefit of receiving a Graduate Diploma in Logistics as well as a Certificate in Management. The article went on to explain:

As part of the WILpower program, the cadets will be supported to complete a Graduate Diploma in Logistics in addition to a Certificate IV in Management. Throughout the two years other development opportunities will become available to assist the cadets in rounding out their experience.

Source: TandLNews.com.au

Anyone interested in learning more about the program or wishing to apply, should visit: http://asciano.com.au/careers/diversity.