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CoR Compliance Email Update – 13th November 2015

Welcome to your weekly CoR Compliance Email Update! This Newsletter will help you to keep up to date with the Chain of Responsibility laws that govern the transport and logistics industry.

Industry and legislation updates

National Annual Logistics Injury Rates Refuse to Shift

Those driving or operating machinery continue to face the most risky conditions, Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures for 2013-14 show.

Permit Approvals wait most at State and Local Levels

Many trucking operators still have to wait weeks for heavy vehicle access applications to be approved, due in large part to state and local governments.

WA Parliament considers bill giving Main Roads power to charge truck toll on Perth roads

Main Roads will have the power to charge tolls for heavy transport vehicles operating on “prescribed roads” under new legislation introduced to WA Parliament.

Loading Practices Case puts Approach in Spotlight

A truck driver was put through the legal wringer after freight fell from a rig he was driving and killed a woman, while the company responsible for loading the vehicle received a small fine.

Industry Fury over lack of action on Overcharging

The transport and logistics sector has reacted with anger at state and federal governments on the heavy vehicle charging issue following last week’s Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting.

News updates

Police investigators seek witnesses to deadly truck crash near Taree

Police say just after 3:00 am (ADST), two Air Express trucks were travelling south from Brisbane to Sydney when one ran into the back of the other at Jones Island, about 10 kilometres north of Taree.

Truck driver charged over fatal Geraldton crash

A truck driver has been charged over a head-on collision with a car that claimed the life of a young mother and injured her 11-month-old baby near Geraldton, about 400 kilometres north of Perth.

Multiple truck crashes across Sydney lead to major jams

Sydney motorists faced a horror commute yesterday morning with truck crashes in the west and north of the city causing massive delays.

Truck driver jumps back into burning vehicle – twice

At about 11am today, a Raven’s Towing truck pulled into the service station attached to the Mann River Caravan park when its tyre blew, causing the truck to catch fire.

Truck driver charged over fatal crash four months ago

After investigations police have charged the 42-year-old driver for alleged dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving occasioning death and drive with illicit substance in blood.

Truck drivers walk away uninjured from highway head-on

IT WAS a close call for two truck drivers after a head-on collision on the Cunningham Hwy at Thane, about 35kms west of Warwick, on Saturday night.

Truck to be winched from NSW motorway

Police say the B-Double was travelling north along the M1 Pacific Highway at 11.25pm on Wednesday when it ran over an embankment, sending diesel fuel spilling onto the roadway.

Cattle truck rolls on Princes Highway near Camperdown

The truck rolled on the Princes Highway between Pirron Yallock and Camperdown about midnight on Monday, spilling cows onto the highway.

Range closure leaves motorists stranded for 3 hours

MOTORISTS were stranded on the Toowoomba Range for more than three hours as emergency services cleared an oil spill.

Weekly CoR implementation tip

Does your organisation have the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy?

The WHS Policy supports the CoR Policy as the CoR and work health and safety functions work together to provide for the safety of employees and contractors.

The key components of a WHS Policy include:

  • an expression of the organisation’s commitment, objectives and intentions for work health and safety;
  • a set of general guidelines for work health and safety, such as a work health and safety management system;
  • acceptance of primary responsibility for the health and safety function by senior management;
  • the role of health and safety representatives and health and safety committees and an expression of support for these roles;
  • An outline of the general responsibilities for the employer, managers, employees, contractors and visitors.

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