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CoR Compliance Email Update – 18th March 2016

Welcome to your weekly CoR Compliance Email Update! This update will help you to keep up to date with the Chain of Responsibility laws that govern the transport and logistics industry.

Industry and legislation updates

Industry Backs Queensland State infrastructure Plan

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) welcomes the Queensland Government’s State Infrastructure Plan, which recognises the needs for investment in transport infrastructure to boost freight growth and improve efficiency.

Put it in writing: RSRT not Interested in Verbal Submissions from Trucking Industry

That was the message from the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) yesterday when owner-drivers and those representing them tried to explain their concerns about the impact of minimum rates.

NTC seeks Changes to Unlock Quad-Axle Truck Capacity

Restrictions holding quad-axle trucks back from reaching their full potential could be pushed aside if a proposal from the National Transport Commission (NTC) is implemented.

News updates

“Can’t legislate for stupidity”: Truck driver’s astonishing U-Turn at Harbour Tunnel

In an astonishing piece of driving, a truck driver has performed a U-turn near the entrance to the Harbour Tunnel.

Cars stopped on Sydney motorway hit from behind by speeding truck

The crash on the M5 Motorway at Casula yesterday morning was captured by a dashcam of a female motorist only a few metres behind the truck carrying heavy machinery.

Chemical truck crashes into Wickepin home, narrowly misses occupant

A truck towing a trailer laden with chemicals has crashed into the front bedroom of a house in Wickepin, about 240 kilometres south-east of Perth, narrowly missing the occupant who was in another room.

Cootes crash driver Shane Anthony Day receives suspended sentence

A truck driver involved in the fatal crash of a fuel tanker on Sydney’s northern beaches in 2013 has avoided jail, receiving instead a 12-month suspended sentence and a fine.

Truck crashes into three cyclists on Germein Rd at Solomontown near Port Pirie

A truck driver has been arrested over a fatal crash that killed a much-loved cyclist and injured two others at Solomontown on the outskirts of Port Pirie.

Stop being numb to truck deaths says the TWU

The Transport Workers’ Union wants the transport industry to stop being numb to truck related deaths. With a string of fatal crashes lately, TWU boss Tony Sheldon is urging truckies to stand up and fight for their lives.

Weekly CoR implementation tip

Does your organisation have a Chain of Responsibility Policy?

It is important for every organisation that is part of the chain of responsibility, to have a clear, articulated commitment to the chain of responsibility that provides clear direction for employees. This is best achieved through a specific CoR Policy.

Use the checklist below as a guide to develop or validate your CoR Policy:

  • a commitment statement to the chain of responsibility legislation and responsibilities
  • a strategy to achieve this, for example, adopting a proactive risk management approach to CoR
  • an outline of the general responsibilities for each member of the chain of responsibility within the organisation

If you have subscribed to our full access subscription, you have access to the full suite of CoR Framework templates consisting of 59 policies, procedures and tools that are ready to implement into your workplace. If you would like to upgrade your subscription, just call us on 1300 362 226.

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