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CoR Compliance Email Update – 26th June 2015

Welcome to your weekly CoR Compliance Email Update! This update will help you to keep up to date with the Chain of Responsibility laws that govern the transport and logistics industry.

Industry and legislation updates

Livestock transporters get new fatigue management option

Drivers will be able to work for up to 14 hours at a time, with a range of risk offsets in place.

Trucking employers to find out what their drivers are up to

New South Australian road laws provide police officers with the discretionary power to inform the employers of truck drivers who fall south of the law.

WARTA and forestry sector strike deal on new code of practice

The Western Australian transport industry is moving further from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), with adoption of a new forestry sector code of practice, formally signed on June 18.

News updates

NSW budget commits to road and rail infrastructure

State and industry bodies have welcomed the infrastructure focus in the NSW government’s 2015/16 budget.

Top cop says: extend chain of responsibility to drugs

Policy makers should extend chain of responsibility (COR) to drugs to reduce the prevalence of truck drivers taking illicit substances, according to one of Victoria’s top cops.

Heavy vehicle road safety blitz

QPS and other authorities had been out in force intercepting more than 10,000 heavy vehicles as part of Operation Austrans 2015.

Weekly CoR implementation tip

Does your organisation have a CoR Training and Communication Procedure?

The CoR Training and Communication Procedure sets out the requirements and processes to identify the parties that require training and/or communication about their CoR responsibilities and implement training and communication activities.

It also specifies key responsibilities for training and communication implementation, key records and reporting outputs and requirements for monitoring, review and audit.

Does your CoR Training and Communication Procedure include:

  • The purpose and scope of the procedure;
  • The identification of CoR roles in the workplace;
  • A detailed explanation of the processes and requirements to analyse CoR training and communication needs;
  • Responsibilities for implementing CoR training and communication solutions;
  • Key records and reporting outputs for CoR training and communication;
  • Requirements for regular monitoring, review and audit of CoR training and communication;
  • A communications plan is developed to meet the communication needs.

If you have subscribed to our full access subscription, you have access to the full suite of CoR Framework templates consisting of 59 policies, procedures and tools that are ready to implement into your workplace. If you would like to upgrade your subscription, just call us on 1300 362 226.

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