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CoR Compliance Email Update – 6th May 2016

Welcome to your weekly CoR Compliance Email Update! This update will help you to keep up to date with the Chain of Responsibility laws that govern the transport and logistics industry.

Industry and legislation updates

Investigator Warns Bearings Failures Cause Fires

Accident investigator warns operators and drivers to be diligent when it comes to wheel end monitoring and maintenance

Wheels and Tyres Rules to Change in July

The new national truck inspection manual comes into effect soon, and there is no more important section than the one on wheels and tyres

New COR Rules Gain ATA Backing

Moves to strengthen the chain of responsibility (COR) as it relates to transport customers have been welcomed by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

TOLL Claims Fatigue Technology Success

Transport giant Toll is claiming success in a trial of an innovative camera-based system which alerts drivers if they are at risk of falling asleep.

News updates

Sydney truck driver made fatal ‘mistake’

A truck driver who caused the death of a woman when he ploughed into her broken-down car on a motorway could have stopped in time if he wasn’t gazing out at the Hawkesbury River, a court has heard.

Two more trucks collide with Montague Street bridge in South Melbourne

The first truck was carrying a large skip, which was left in the middle of the road. The road was cleared, but it was only a matter of hours before the bridge struck again, according to Melbourne radio station Triple M.

Camera systems keep all truckies safe on our roads

Products now offer systems for fleets, trucks or machines that deliver recorded vision for internal evaluation after an incident, for remote viewing within the business or to share with your customers.

Staples Sack 25 Owner-Drivers in Sydney

The workers, who were allegedly fired using phone text messages, attended the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to push for reinstatement today.

Road Safety Week asks each of us to “Stop Driving Blind!”

In-car distraction is a leading cause of road crashes and this year’s theme for National Road Safety Week is #StopDrivingBlind.

DASHCAM: Police investigating Childers truck near miss

A Queensland Police spokesman confirmed the incident was on Goodwood Rd and said the matter had been reported to the police and was being investigated.

Perth road rage: Dash cam captures truck driver kicking man in head

A dashboard camera has captured footage of a Perth road rage dispute that ended with a truck driver kicking a man in the face.

Weekly CoR implementation tip

Does your organisation have the Load Management Procedure?

The Load Management Procedure sets out the processes and requirements of the Load Risk Management Framework, key responsibilities, and supporting records, policies and procedures.

The Load Risk Management Framework will contain the same set of stages.

Identify risks will focus on those tasks and roles that have a potential impact on unsafe loading practices, such as:

  • consignors who put the wrong mass or dimensions on the consignment note
  • packers who do not accurately record the total mass and dimensions of palletised goods
  • loaders who use insufficient load restraint methods or over-load vehicles

If you have subscribed to our full access subscription, you have access to the full suite of CoR Framework templates consisting of 59 policies, procedures and tools that are ready to implement into your workplace. If you would like to upgrade your subscription, just call us on 1300 362 226.

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