ALC Seeks Long-Term Policy Certainty for Freight Planning in Queensland

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In a media release, the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) expressed its demand for freight planning stability in Queensland.

ALC Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff said in a speech made in Brisbane recently that there is an urgent need for policy stability regarding long term freight planning.

Kilgariff explained that in order to boost support from business and promote investment in logistics facilities and infrastructure, long-term policy certainty in Queensland is necessary.

One project in particular which the ALC is seeking support for is the Inland Rail project and the retention of the Queensland Moving Freight Strategy.

In the speech, Mr Kilgariff stated:

“Freight planning needs to be both long-term and strategic to provide industry with the surety it needs to make business decisions with confidence,” Mr Kilgariff said.

“All too often we see new governments drastically alter, rework or in some cases rip-up perfectly good plans and strategies, which erodes business confidence and leads to delays in investment,” he said.


Mr Kilgariff was speaking to delegates at the Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference.

He went on to state what the ALC is expecting from the new state government in terms of its freight strategy,

“The Moving Freight Strategy includes actions to get more freight onto rail improved freight data collection and an acknowledgement of the importance of land preservation for key freight corridors.

“While we appreciate the new Government has its own policy agenda that it will seek to implement, by and large, the logistics industry is looking for the general continuation of the state’s freight strategy,” he said.


Mr Kilgariff highlighted that this would create much needed employment and will provide the state with assistance meeting its freight tasks in years to come.

According to Mr Kilgariff the logistics industry is eager for the state government to reaffirm its support for the nation building project.

The rapidly expanding freight activity in the state “underlined the need for long term stability” in terms of freight planning, Mr Kilgariff warned.

He explained:

“Queensland’s freight task is expected to climb from 871m tonnes to around 1,700m tonnes in 20 years,” he said.

“With an ALC study showing a 1% improvement in productivity in the logistics industry would boost GDP by $2 billion, it is critical state governments continue policies that support, not undermine, investor confidence,” he said.  


Mr Kilgariff also congratulated the Queensland Government on establishing Infrastructure Queensland to advise Government on the states infrastructure priorities. He said the ALC was looking forward to seeing Infrastructure Queensland playing a “proactive role” in preparing and analysing business cases for major infrastructure projects.

He also highlighted the need for all levels of government to implement better mechanisms to ensure funding for infrastructure projects was prioritised. He hopes to see funds being allocated to those projects that will result in better productivity across Queensland’s supply chains.