Heavy Vehicles in the spotlight

Chain of Responsibility News: Heavy Vehicle Safety in the Spotlight

Heavy Vehicles in the spotlight

Source: primemovermag.com.au

Last year saw the transport industry and road safety in particular being given a lot of attention. Notable milestones include the official opening of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the commencement of new braking legislation as well as the regulator focus on roadworthiness and maintenance of heavy vehicles.

As an article on PrimeMoverMag.com.au stated the final phase of ADR 38/04 is now taking effect and has prompted many transport operators to reconsider their procurement strategies. The writer highlights that heavy vehicle safety has returned to the public’s consciousness and is dominating public dialogue once again.

According to the post, BP together with the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) is planning to utilise the momentum gained last year to improve road safety. They are hosting a dedicated 2 day long safety forum in April.

The goal of the safety forum, to be held on 16 and 17 April, is helping the industry consolidate its efforts in regards to safety. It also aims to help the industry develop a dedicated action plan that can influence both regulators and lawmakers. The article goes on to quote ARTSA Chairman Dr Peter Hart,

“There is a paternalistic mentality by federal and state governments about road safety. Our industry needs be become more proactive and have a greater influence on the safety agenda,

“The benefit for operators could be a greater understanding of road safety incident risks and about how to reduce them.”

Source: http://www.primemovermag.com.au

Dr Hart said the forum will provide a platform for chain of responsibility considerations. He explained that new proposals to extend Chain of Responsibility obligations into the maintenance and driving domain need to be understood and influenced. He also stated:

“Supported by our Foundation Sponsor BP, the Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Summit is supposed to enable a constructive discussion and look at safety from a holistic and operator perspective,” he said.

Dr Hart also explained that BP has worked for a long time to bring together fleet operators and owner-operators to work together on improving safety on the road. He also explained:

“We felt BP was the ideal Foundation Sponsor for such an impactful event as they are genuinely committed to safety and compliance. They’re a really hands-on company in that respect, and that’s exactly what we need to develop an industry action plan that everyone can buy into,” Dr Hart said.

Source: http://www.primemovermag.com.au

Dr Hart concluded by inviting those interested to attend the forum,

“If you are an owner-operator or represent a fleet, come along to discuss what should be done to make road safety an achievable goal.”

Source: http://www.primemovermag.com.au

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