EPA Issues Fines After Tanker Rollover

A transporter and consignor have been penalised over the use of the wrong type of tanker trailers.

Following an investigation by The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA), a transport company has been issued with multiple fines.

The investigation was prompted by a rollover involving one of the company’s trucks on the Golden Highway, west of Jerry Plains last year in April.

Although there were no injuries in the rollover, there was ammonium nitrate emulsion and the spill had to be cleaned up with minimal impact to the environment.

The investigation revealed that the dangerous goods tankers used to carry ammonium nitrate were not up to standard and this resulted in a $48,000 fine. The tankers were suitable to transport liquid fuel and not ammonium nitrate emulsion.

The EPA also discovered the tanker trailer was sub-standard, and it wasn’t the only one in the fleet. Seven other tanker trailers were also found to be sub-standard yet they were regularly used to transport ammonium nitrate emulsion. Read more at https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/industry-news/1707/epa-issues-hefty-fines-following-tanker-rollover