Trucking Industry Blasts Truck Stop Underspending

There is probably nothing more frustrating for truck drivers than being fatigued and not being able to stop because there are no available rest stops.

While fatigue laws dictate truck drivers rest often, there aren’t enough rest stops to meet this requirement especially in South Australia. This has led to the South Australian trucking industry’s criticism of the government for a lack of funding for vehicle rest stops.

SA Road Transport Association (SARTA), said the federal government requirements stipulate that a rest station should be available for truck drivers every 80km but the association says there only 20 per cent of the required number of rest stops and with the government’s current spending rate, it would take between 30 to 50 years before we get the ideal required number of rest stops.

There has also been the complaint that when rest areas are available, they are mostly occupied with caravans.

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