Truck Forces Car off Road in Road Rage Incident

In a shocking display of road rage, a Melbourne driver was forced off the Tullamarine Freeway by a truck driver who then got out of the truck and attacked her car with a hammer.

Reports say 2 women in their sixties were in a car at about 1:10pm when the incident occurred. The truck began tailgating and hitting the horn.

The truck driver then hit into the side of the car, forcing it into a concrete barrier and damaging the tyres, side mirror and doors.

The truck driver then hit into the car a second time and pulled in front of the car, blocking the women. When the women got out of the car to inspect the damage to the car, the truck driver confronted them with a hammer and a stick.

One of the women was pushed to the ground by the truck driver who also smashed the car with the hammer. The hammer then fell into the back seat of the car as the women scrambled back into it and reversed to get away. They drove to the nearest police station.It is not known what prompted the truck driver’s behaviour.

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