Invention to Help Drivers Keep Their Eyes on The Road

A leading transport company has tested the use of a device to block text devices to the mobile phones of their drivers while the vehicle is in motion, thereby reducing the chances of distractions.

Linfox is planning to install the text-blocking devices this year on a trial basis after testing the gadget last year.

The device sends a message  to the driver’s telecommunications provider once the vehicle is moving and all text messages will be blocked until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Social media apps will also be disabled while the vehicle is in motion.

Only navigation apps and hands-free phone calls will be allowed while the vehicle is moving.

A post on said Victoria Police may be planning to encourage the use of the gadget across the industry, given the high number of fines issued to drivers for mobile phone use while driving – 29,000 fines in the 2015-2016 period.

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