Truck Skips Red Light and Kills Policewoman


A 26 year old truck driver who failed to stop at red lights, killed an off duty policewoman who was riding her motorcycle at the time in Melbourne’s east.

It has been alleged that the driver had ” considerable difficulty” braking after failing to stop at a red light 5 kilometres earlier.

It has also been alleged that the driver was aware that the brakes on his large tray truck were faulty beforehand.

The man has since been released on bail after being charged with culpable driving and dangerous driving.

The incident resulted in the death of off duty police officer, First Constable D-Arne De Leo at Wantirna on January 12.

The driver spent 11 days in custody and was released on bail, despite police fears that he may fail to return to court.

The man allegedly supervised the loading of 12 tonnes of boxes onto his truck, despite knowing it had a degraded braking system.

The truck was loaded so that 8.5 tonnes were loaded over the front axle with bias being over the driver’s side steer wheel.

Just 10 minutes before the fatal crash, the driver apparently failed to stop and investigators believe he may have been using engine or exhaust brakes as opposed to the foot brakes.