National Guidelines for Automated Vehicle Testing Released


The NTC (National Transport Commission)and Austroads have released national guidelines for trials of automated vehicles in a joint publication titled Guidelines for trials of automated vehicles in Australia.

The guidelines are designed to be flexible and easy for industry to use to support trials across Australia, giving more certainty to the industry on conditions for the trials.

The industry will have to address issues such as specific scope of operation, safety management plan addressing risks and appropriate insurance.

The NTC worked closely with vehicle manufacturers, technology developers and governments to ensure national consistency of trials that reflect best practice, Paul Retter, NTC Chief Executive said.

He also highlighted that we have all the ingredients for Australia to become a global testing hub for automated vehicles, with a range of differing environments, a receptive population and guidelines for safe trials.

Organisations conducting trials will have to give information obtained from the trials to road transport agencies, as well as inform them of any crashes.

AustRoads chief executive Nick Koukoulas said the guidelines focussed strongly on safety.