NHVR Releases Findings of National Truck Fleet Check

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) released the findings of the first national heavy vehicle health check which revealed that more needs to be done to improve the maintenance of the national truck fleet.

The survey entitled The National Roadworthiness Baseline Survey – A Health Check of Australia’s Heavy Vehicle Condition, focused on inspection programs and aimed to measure improvements in the mechanical condition of the national heavy vehicle fleet.

There were 7130 heavy vehicles inspected between August and October last year, with the results being used to design a national risk-based inspection approach, addressing high risk components, systems, vehicles and operators.

The survey revealed that newer vehicles were five times less likely to have a major non-conformity than older vehicles, more than 10 years old. Younger vehicles were also 11 times less likely to have a major non-conformity than 13 year old vehicles.

It also became evident that 11 per cent of hauling units and 14 per cent of trailers recorded a major non-conformity.

As a result of the survey, 147 vehicles were grounded, which was 1.3 per cent of the vehicles inspected, with brakes being the biggest problem area.

Steering and suspension systems were also high on the list of non-conformity. Source: http://www.psnews.com.au/aps/555/news/trucks-hauled-in-for-major-health-check