Policewoman Killed After Truck Driver Has Trouble Braking

Source: Sbs.com.au

An off-duty police officer has been killed by a truck that had faulty brakes in Melbourne’s east on January 12.

The driver has been charged with culpable driving and dangerous driving following the fatal incident which resulted in the death of First Constable D-Arne De Leo at Wantirna.

It is believed the truck driver had difficulty braking about 10 minutes before he failed to stop at a red light and ran over the policewoman on her motorcycle.

The driver spent 11 days in custody before being released on bail.

The loading of the truck was also brought into question, which police say the driver supervised before the crash.  Read more at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-23/melbourne-truckie-had-trouble-braking-court-hears/8204560