Sydney Police and RMS Blitz Targets Trucks and Trailers

Authorities in New South Wales recently completed the 5th instalment of Operation Catapult, its truck and trailer blitz focusing on heavy vehicle defects and non-compliance in Sydney.

During the operation 19 defects were discovered and 15 infringement notices were issued for the 36 heavy vehicles inspected during the week long blitz.

The operation was focused along the M4 near Homebush Bay and surrounding areas. The operation is a part of a series of operations that began in March.

During the operation the following was uncovered,

  • 3 non-compliant electronic speed limiters, including one truck capable of 129km/h
  • 15 infringements
  • 6 major defects including leaking brakes and hydraulic leaks and 19 defect notices issued for various offences.

Authorities said the would continue with these operations until owners and operations ensure all trucks are compliant.