Amendments to Light and Heavy Vehicle Standards Submissions Open

National Transport Commission

The NTC recently invited submissions on the proposed amendments to  the light and heavy vehicle standards, including new ways to identify hydrogen and electric powered vehicles.

If the amendments were passed, hydrogen and electric powered vehicles built after 1 January 2019 would need to have identification labels visible on the front and rear number plates.

The NTC’s Chief Executive, Paul Retter explained that the proposed amendments were ultimately meant to improve safety for emergency services personnel and other motorists, given the hazards presented by hydrogen and electric powered vehicles during rescue situations. He said that in order for emergency services personnel to have the appropriate safeguards in place to protect themselves and the public, it was necessary for these vehicles to have identification labels displayed as proposed.

He called for light and heavy vehicle standards to be brought in line with existing regulations for identification of LPG and natural gas powered vehicles.

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