Cyclist Killed after Colliding with Truck

A cyclist was recently killed after being involved in a crash with a truck in Melbourne’s inner north suburb of Northcote.

The tragic incident happened on Victoria Road between Darebin Road and Separation Street around 8am, outside the Northcote Aquatic and Recreaction Centre.

The male cyclist died on the scene and the truck driver was not injured.

Police have called for witnesses to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

In related news a young cyclist who was permanently disfigured after being hit by a semi-trailer has called for more intense driver training and a crackdown on truck safety.

TheVictorian Transport Association’s chief executive Peter Anderson joined in the call for stricter training and heavy vehicle licensing requirements in the state where truck driver licenses are granted based on 5 hours of on site training and demonstration of ability to reverse a vehicle 50 metres in a straight line.