WA Drivers Face Tougher Speeding Fines

Source: http://openphoto.net

Western Australian drivers fond of driving fast and exceeding the speed limit should be aware of a range of new penalties introduced by the State Government including having to fork out more money for speeding fines.

The new rules will allow WA Police the power to issue higher infringements to drivers caught exceeding the speed limit on state roads.

Under the amendments to the Road Traffic Code 2000, drivers of heavy vehicles that exceed the speed limit by more than 29km/h will receive an increased penalty of $1200 and $1500 if traveling more than 40km/h over the posted speed limit.

It is hoped the new penalties will deter drivers from high level speeding, particularly given that one third of all fatalities in WA last year were as a result of speeding.

Fines for failing to use seatbelts increased from $1200 to $2800 for a first offence, and from $2400 to $4200 for further offences.

Source: https://www.bigrigs.com.au/news/wa-introduces-tougher-speeding-fines/3225194/