Inquiry on National Roads Safety Strategy Begins

The National Road Safety Strategy Inquiry has begun, and Federal Infrastructure and transport minister Darren Chester has appointed 2 industry experts, University of Adelaide associate professor Jeremy Woolley and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Trauma Committee chair Dr John Crozier as the joint chairs, citing their knowledge and efforts to help reduce road trauma through strategy.

Minister Chester said part of the role would involve identifying future priorities for improving road safety and improving the effectiveness of existing strategy, amid concerns over complacency towards road safety.

The minister said we are “too accepting” of the 1300 Australian deaths on our roads every year and the tens of thousands of injuries this year alone.

He explained that road trauma had a huge social impact as well as an economic impact estimated at $30 billion annually.

He said part of the re-evaluation of strategy is determining  the national agenda for the coming years.

The inquiry is also expected to help make informed road safety investments decisions in the future.

It is expected to end in January 2018.



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