Disqualified Driver Involved in Truck Rollover

If you were caught in the traffic chaos caused by a sand spill by a truck that flipped on the on-ramp from Cahill Expressway to the Domain Tunnel in Sydney, you’ll probably be outraged to hear that the incident was caused by a driver with a disqualified license.

The disqualified driver has several charges added after the rollover which caused a huge amount of sand to spill across the road.

The southbound lands of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel were closed for hours as the mess was cleaned up. The traffic was backed up to six kilometers.

While the 27 year old driver had his license disqualified until 2019, charges that have now been added on include -driving a motor vehicle during disqualification period, negligent driving, driver or rider state false name, fraudulently altering or using drivers licence and not keep work diary as required.