Truck Driver Dodges Rocks Thrown by Youths on Western Highway

A truck driver narrowly escaped a tragedy after 3 young males threw rocks at his heavy vehicle and smashed his windscreen on Melbourne’s Western Highway at Melton.

The driver was seen swerving before pulling over to the emergency lane on dash-cam footage.

The man had only been driving trucks for 12 months when the incident occurred and he considers himself lucky to be alive and without injury.

The 3 youths threw 2 rocks, one weighing around 12kg at the truck from a pedestrian overpass.

Police described the act as “incredibly dangerous” , with the possibility of causing serious injury and possibly death.

The driver attempted to chase the offenders who he identified as between 12 and 16 years old. He said one was wearing a green hoodie.

When caught the youths face a serious number of charges including reckless conduct endangering life.

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